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16 Jan
A look at N U

While Radio Novacontinues to rave over his latest release : "Man o To", we propose to take you on a little flashback today of NU 's discography by zooming in on the work he orchestrated for the 12th installment of the KaterMukke series.The four titles which compromise this EP are deliciously infused with the Berliner’s touch, blending between psychedelic and an ethnic ambience, we can still appreciate months later his trendy style.To return to the more current, the artist recently unveiled to us "S O L" only 5 days ago, a 3 hour mix as a preview of his upcoming productions.Splendid, Magic… we can’t even begin to list all the adjectives that come to mind when listening to this gem, take your time and enjoy the journey.Finally, we can’t stress enough to go back and relisten to his older productions which many are made in collaboration with the singer Jo.Ke and are just as brilliant as his most recent work.

NU - La Sirena Negra
NU - Kleiner Prinz - Katermukke
NU - Cielo - Katermukke
NU - About Love - Katermukke
NU - S O L
Nu feat. Jo Ke - Fool
Nu feat. Jo Ke - Who Loves The Sun

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