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18 May
The duo Nu Guinea wakes up Italy. par

The beautiful discovery of the moment comes from Nu Guinea, who through a sublime LP, "Nuova Napoli" pays homage to Naples, hometown of the duo.

Nu Guinea, now based in Berlin had confirmed the slight popularity of the 1st EPs (World, Nu Guinea) with the excellent "The Tony Allen Experiments"reworking several pieces of the famous drummer Nigerian, bringing a more electronic touch and psychedelic. This time, the Neapolitans truly impress with a remarkable LP.

"Nuova Napoli" consists of 7 pieces and operates considerable and different styles . A vintage, pop, current and futuristic sound emanates from it. The main ingredients of the disc resonate in almost all tracks, between an ubiquitous bassline, synthetic missiles delivered by their synth, some vocals here and there, many brass solo supported by a dancing rhythm to feed the black music aspect.

The first opus had accustomed us to their Afro explorations and a pronounced taste for tropical sounds . Here, the duo has added more classic influences, particularly related to the musical legacy of Naples in the 70s and 80s, the musical golden age of the city. These decades saw the birth of artists such as Pino Daniele, James Senese (Napoli Centrale), Tony Esposito, and Tullio de Piscopo. Musicians whose work always has echoes, as shown a recent editof Tullio . These (un)known artists participated in the elaboration of a unique and particularly recognizable sound, a kind of disco mashup, jazz-funk and African sounds. The sound of Napoli.

This tasty mix between the sound of Nu Guinea and old Naples gives birth to "Nuova Napoli" . A disc that also borrows from the current heritage of the city. Indeed, Nu Guinea ask to play with musicians from the local scene for its realization. They also write their texts in Neapolitan dialect.

"Nuova Napoli" stands out as a heterogeneous and complete record. The following of tracks guide a listening as a stroll through the streets Naples from the 70s to today where we take pleasure in the excitement and sweetness that emerges naturally in the city. Feelings so well transcribed in the deliciously relaxing atmosphere of "Ddoje Facce" or in the relentless groove of "Disco Sole" and "Je Vulesse" (whose lyrics are an excerpt from the Italian poem "Je vulesse truvà pace"). All elements are there to confirm a dazzling musical richness from the duo. It is not surprising when we learn that the creative approach of Nu Guinea is based on jam sessions between their synths and traditional instruments.

This new album was released on their own label "NG Records" on April 7 and worth several dates in Europe such as La Chinerie Festival, Roscella Bay and in the prestigious Panorama Bar.

Nu Guinea - Je Vulesse
Nu Guinea - Ddoje Facce
Nu Guinea - Disco Sole
Nu Guinea - Howls (ft. Tony Allen)

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