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08 Mar
Sourdoreille dévoile une nouvelle série dédié aux beatmakers par

Sanpo , literally a stroll or relaxing walk in Japanese, is the name of the brand new series by Sourdoreille . Beatmakers from around the world follow one another to put in music and sublimate images shot by Grégory Sacré, director of the series.

Vanilla , iconic producer of the hip hop scene, thanks to songs like Summer or Swept Away, maintains mystery and difference. Between his EP releases and his movie music, it is this precious stone that we love to reveal in secret.

In this episode, he embellishes the beautiful images of Yanaka district and artists's calligraphies with an original sound composed for the occasion.

The rest of the series can be found on Sourdoreillewebsite as well as on their YouTubechannel.

PREMIERE : Vanilla - Yanaka
02 Nov
New glimpse at the Hip Dozer compilation w/ Charlie Toø Human par

Charlie Toø Human delivering some sweet beats for the new Hip Dozer Compilation. Along The Way is the perfect soundtrack for your long study sessions.

Vinyl still avalaible at Qrates

Charlie Toø Human - Along The Way
29 Oct
1st snippet of the third compilation by Hip Dozer with Konteks. par Renaud

Third Hip Dozer's compilation is coming soon and coming strong. Here is a first look at it with this first single from Konteks, delivering some moody beats on this one.
Composed to chear you up during cold and rainy afternoon, If Only stays in the tradition of old school boom bap productions flirting with smooth jazz.

Lay back, press play and let Konteks do the rest ...

You can already pre-order the vinyl ➫ [url= [/url] 🔥

Konteks - If Only
27 Aug
Handbook - Sweet Berries par Mathieu

Pour ceux qui trainent des pieds parce que c'est la rentrée, on a trouvé la solution pour une reprise en douceur.
Deux courtes instrus du cru estival des exclusives Hip Dozer signées par les beatmakers Handbook et Letskey. On laisse couler :)

Handbook - Sweet Berries
Letskey - Storm
04 Jul
Soul Beach: the soulful-jazz LP with lofi hiphop texture signed Cookin Soul. par Jerome

Cookin’ Soul is a grammy award winning DJ and producer from Spain, he's an ultra-productive beatmaker, constantly being requesting you've certainly heard the guy's qualities (without mentioned him) through his productions with rappers like Wiz Khalifa, Joey Bada$$, Nipsey Hussle and many others.

For his last release, it's on Hip Dozer Records that he made his reappearance with a 20 songs LP, chill, soulful and jazzy tied together with the compositions lofi hiphop touch of Cookin Soul.
A brand new album, with tracks like Where's My Towel , Lostyamind or Jazzwave , which will seduce you in all circumstances .
Unpretentious and unadorned, the instrumental project "Soul Beach" is to be appreciated as a refreshing cocktail.

Album available on Hip Dozer in digital, including a color vinyl pre-order.

Cookin Soul - Where's My Towel
Cookin Soul - Lostyamind
Cookin Soul - Jazzwave

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