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11 Dec
Hometown: RMZ returns to the Groove par Renaud

After travelling around Australia, the musician from Béziers (France) tells us all about his discovery of Noosa Heads, his Hometown on the sunshine coast, through a devastating groovy song.
Nearly two years after his first EP “Opening Lines” came out, this 23-year-old artist is now unveiling “Hometown”, the first track of his new project, which will be released next spring.
Tangled up with Jazz inspirations, from Erykah Badu to Mac DeMarco passing by Jordan Rakei or even Nate Smith , RMZ ’s produced here a music as authentic as possible. With his guitar, his voice, some computer tweaks and the help from musician friends of his, Hometown depicts a melancholic yet very groovy journey that reminds us of the sunshine drenched roads.

Accustomed to traveling, he composed and recorded his first EP entirely in Australia. For this new release, he moved to Brooklyn to experience Jazz music at its roots and inspire his music.
A singer met in New York, an MC and some musician friends have helped recording these new tracks. “Hometown” opens with an aboriginal Australian telling the story of his country, enlightening the contrast that exists in between the touristic destination known for its cool way of life and its colonial history.
To sum up, this first song is all about fresh groove, from the Fender Rhodes introduction to the last guitar swirl, we deeply feel that RMZ has evolved down the road, and it makes us curious of what else he has to say.

RMZ - Hometown
09 Dec

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04 Dec
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© Helmut Newton

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28 Nov
Delicieuse Playlist n°311 par Gautier

To make you wanna boogie like Diana Ross on this picture from 1980 taken by the great Richard Corkery in Studio 54.